Practical Sewing Classes (Sundays 16th and 23th of May) 6 pm - 9 pm

Practical Sewing Classes (Sundays 16th and 23th of May) 6 pm - 9 pm

Fever Dream
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Fever Dream is proud to offer our first sewing class!

These classes are for those of you out there that would love to get more out of their clothes by mending and altering them. Have you ever been shopping and found something you love but the fit is not quite right? or your favorite dress has a mysterious hole? Mending and altering clothes is very rewarding, you can give new life to garments you would have never purchased or were going to throw out. 

This will be a small class of max 4 people so you can get some personalised teaching for the specific things you would like to learn.

This course consists of two night classes over two weeks, 5-8 pm, 16th and 23rd of May

Week one is basic sewing to get you started! Learning how to work a sewing machine and basic hand stitching.

Week two is alterations and mending. Basic alterations like taking up and down hems, taking in and out seams, and moving closures. mending holes, ripped seams, replacing buttons etc.

Things to bring!

Bring your own sewing machine if you have it! It is useful to get used to one machine and will make it easier for you to get comfortable sewing. If you do not have a machine we do have machines in-store you can use.

Bring anything you will like to mend or make adjustments to! All good if you don't have anything to bring we have plenty of scrap fabric for you to play around with.